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app & information design

Capstone project created during my final year of Capilano University's IDEA Program.


People want their lifestyle choices to reflect their values, but information overload can make doing so feel overwhelming.

Animated EcoFacts wordmark

EcoFacts is here to help. The government initiated system uses labels and a mobile app to enable people to quickly see the impacts of their choices all in one place.

There are three icons at the heart of the EcoFacts system. Each represents a rating category:

EcoFacts Plant Impact Rating iconEcoFacts Human Impact Rating iconEcoFacts Personal Health Rating icon
Planet Impact
Human Impact
Personal Health
  • On habitats & ecosystems
  • On plant & animal life
  • Treatment of workers
  • Ethical trade practices
  • Impacts on communities
  • Nutritional value (for food)
  • Presence of known beneficial or harmful substances

EcoFacts' ratings take into account a product's entire life cycle, which is broken down into three stages:

EcoFacts Start of Life iconEcoFacts Useful Life iconEcoFacts End of Life icon
Start of Life
Useful Life
End of Life
  • Sourcing of materials
  • Manufacture
  • Creation of by-products
  • Shipping & transportation
  • User-end packaging
  • Length of useful life
  • Number of uses
  • Energy requirements
  • Recyclability
  • Impact of waste materials
  • Longevity of waste materials

People can find the EcoFacts label on packaging. Those familiar with the system may find all the information they want here, but others wanting more detail can scan the label to dig deeper.

EcoFacts label exampleEcoFacts label on product packaging

The label can be scanned directly from a phone camera, or from within the app. The app opens a page detailing that product's rating. A pop-up with a legend greets first time scanners.

EcoFacts app screens: scan & first time pop-upEcoFacts app screens: product rating pagesEcoFacts app screens: Explaining the rating pages

Users can track products by creating and managing lists within the app.

EcoFacts app screens: User lists screens

The homepage of the EcoFacts app has current news and articles that enable people to live more sustainably.

EcoFacts app screens: home screensAnimated EcoFacts thank you

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